What We Treat

Helping Heal Your Voice

We use our voices in so many ways every single day. Our voices not only help us communicate with others, but also help define how other people view us.  At Beverly Hills Voice, we understand the importance of voice, and we are fully equipped for and experienced in the diagnosis, treatment, therapy and surgery for voice disorders, as well as larynx cancer, vocal cord paralysis, and laryngeal papillomatosis.

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There are a number of different voice disorders, and just about anyone can get one.  Especially vulnerable are people who use their voices a great deal such as performers, singers, speakers, etc. Read more


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The very good news is that when diagnosed early, laryngeal cancer is highly curable, and can often be treated with surgery alone. Read more


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You don’t have to wait to get your voice back if you have a breathy voice in the setting of vocal cord paralysis. Dr. Barbu can help improve your quality of life right away. Read more.


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Caused by the papilloma virus, laryngeal papillomatosis is a warty growth located on the larynx. Left untreated, the papilloma will continue to grow, and could block your airway at some point. Read more.