Patient Reviews

What Our Patients Say About Us.


“After gradually losing my voice over the course of a year,  I was diagnosed with both cancer and papilloma on my vocal cords. Two different surgeons informed me that my condition was inoperable. The prognosis for recovery after surgery was discouraging as there was no guarantee they could remove the cancer and my vocal cords would be permanently damaged if they attempted surgery.


“As a life-long amateur singer, the prospect of permanently losing my voice was terrifying. But so was cancer. The surgeons recommended radiation therapy.


“While preparing for radiation, I came across some articles and research papers that described the methods Dr. Barbu uses to surgically remove growths on vocal cords. I was impressed with the proclaimed success rate.


“The surgeons I had previously consulted, informed me that they had not really heard about this procedure and that it must be something new and untested. I was, however, very curious and decided to arrange a consultation with her. That may have been the single best decision I’ve ever made.


“After examining me, Dr. Barbu felt I was a good candidate for her surgery. She thought she could remove the cancer and felt there was a good chance of me regaining some use of my voice as well. She explained the procedure in detail and I decided to go for it.


“The surgery was a success. Dr. Barbu was able to completely remove both the cancer and the papilloma, without any of the side effects of radiation.


“A few short weeks later, I started to regain the use of my voice and soon I was even singing with my daughter. Now when people hear me speak, they cannot distinguish anything different about my voice.


“Because of Dr. Barbu, today I not only have my life back, but also the full quality of life that I had before cancer. Words can not ever fully express my gratitude. Thank you, Dr. Barbu, for everything you have done for me and my family.”




“I met Dr. Barbu after spending nine months talking like Minnie Mouse due to a viral infection that paralyzed my right vocal chord. It was exhausting to talk and social interaction suffered greatly. Dr. Barbu was so concerned about my condition that she scheduled my surgery for just 4 days later! At least it was a light at the end of a very long tunnel for me.


“Dr. Barbu went into great detail to explain the procedure and answer all of my questions. She has a very relaxed and confident demeanor so I was put completely at ease. ANY surgery, when it’s done to YOU, is a serious concern. I had visions of coming out of surgery speaking like James Earl Jones or Edith Bunker! Dr. Barbu made sure that I was completely comfortable with what she planned to do to restore my voice.


“The day of surgery went like a well-oiled machine. Everyone at Massachusetts General Hospital performed their functions like a well-choreographed ballet. Everyone’s demeanor was one of control and at the same time, very relaxed. All the steps were explained once again. Dr. Barbu had put together a team of like-minded people in patient care. All the personnel shared the same concern for patient safety and ultimate satisfaction. I was not the least bit concerned about what was about to happen. This has never been the case in the past!


“The procedure went perfectly. The results were amazing. My voice is restored to the same level. The scar is minimal. They didn’t stitch it. It was glued instead. This made the incision heal faster and reduced the scarring. On my follow up visit the next week, Dr. Barbu was extremely pleased with the progress. I credited her for the results, telling her it was because I felt very confident with her abilities. A positive mind frame goes a long way in helping the patient recover quickly. Dr. Barbu made it a point to instill confidence in me about the surgery, and continued this attitude during subsequent recovery visits.


“Dr. Barbu was the best surgeon I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She is an excellent surgeon, but foremost a compassionate and caring individual who puts her patient’s concerns in the forefront at all times. I cannot say enough to impress upon anyone the true measure of Dr. Barbu. My only regret is that she is no longer at Massachusetts General Hospital. I have already told her that I will be coming to Los Angeles should I ever need her services in the future. Any hospital would be grateful to have a doctor of her stature on their roster. So, I hope all of you in the Los Angeles area know how lucky you are to have such a great doctor at your disposal. Good luck Dr. Barbu with your new position. Once again, thank you for giving me my life back!”




“I was diagnosed with Recurrent Respiratory Papilomatosis (RRP) in 2010. My voice had been reduced to a mere whisper – my voice was so weak that I had to rely on a microphone to give the eulogy at my mother’s funeral, which was held in a very small chapel. I had been seeing a doctor in the area where I live, but I had received no relief; in fact, the condition seemed to worsen under his care. I had a very bleak outlook for my future: I wondered if I could continue working and had even begun learning sign language. I truly felt that I was going to lose the ability to communicate vocally.


“At the urging of my wife and my primary care physician, I began looking elsewhere for medical treatment for my condition. Thank God I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Anca Barbu. She restored my ability to speak and to be heard again.


“I could never repay Dr. Barbu for everything she has done for me. She not only restored my ability to speak, she improved the quality of my life: I had stopped speaking on the phone, even to my grandchildren; I no longer felt comfortable speaking in group settings, which jeopardized my work; and I even had to ask my wife to order for me when we went out to dinner because the waiting staff could not hear nor understand me. Not being able to speak or be understood is a terrifying experience. Dr. Barbu rescued me from that horror.


“To further demonstrate my confidence in her abilities, I will be flying cross-country from the East Coast to her new office in Southern California so I can continue to remain her patient. She’s the greatest.”




“I had the good fortune to be Dr. Anca Barbu’s patient for over a year. Having JLP has meant I have spent a great deal of time in ENT offices in the last 30 years. The outstanding care I received from Dr. Barbu is beyond compare. From the first appointment when she made me feel welcome with her friendly manner, comfortable with her supportive a patient nature, as well as secure in her obvious knowledge and professionalism. This led me to have the highest confidence in her skills in the clinical setting where I received Avastin injections and carried over into the operating room where I had absolute trust in her as my surgeon.


“Not only did Dr. Barbu treat me herself, she spent considerable time researching options for me. Her treatment with the Avastin seriously slowed down the growth of the disease. Her care for me led her to introduce me to other treatment which has potential to help arrest the disease completely.   I traveled from Detroit to Boston just so that I could be treated by Dr. Barbu. I would not hesitate to travel from Detroit to Los Angeles to be treated by her. It is without the slightest hesitation, with absolute sincerity and great pleasure that I recommend this incredible doctor to any patient.”




“Before seeing Dr. Barbu my speech was 99 percent compromised, to the point of having to pass notes to my spouse.  Breathing at night was difficult, I was forever clearing my throat, and sleepless nights were the norm for me.  Once the tumor was discovered, I faced another dilemma.  I had a compromised immune system, due to other health issues, so the chemotherapy was not an option for me.


“I was recommended, by a colleague of my husband, to check out the laser surgery program.  The appointment was scheduled with Dr. Barbu, who assured me she could take care of me with the laser surgery.  The surgery, itself, took about 3 hours, the tumor being very close to my thyroid cartilage, (within 1 cell wall), and 1 vocal chord being removed. I was allowed to talk immediately after waking, and, even though quiet, I was very pleased.  Gradually, within a matter of a few short weeks, I could talk better than I had in years, surprising everyone.  No chemotherapy, or radiation, and a very speedy recovery, obeying all Dr.’s instructions.  I have been cancer-free for 17 months now.


“My praises and gratitude to Dr. Barbu could never do her justice.  She listens to all concerns, and explains everything in detail, in a way even I could understand, even drawing sketches to help me see clearly.  I highly recommend laser surgery as an alternative to chemical treatments.


“I am alive today because of Dr. Barbu and laser surgery.”




“If you are on this site, your search is over. You have just found your pot of gold. Dr. Barbu is a BRILLIANT SURGEON WITH A MAGIC WAND. I am a 63 year old woman and I work as office manager at a family run small animal veterinary clinic. I was diagnosed as having stage 3 carcinoma that was covering three-fourths of my vocal cord. I could not speak, swallow, or breathe. I chose to have surgery performed by Dr. Barbu to remove over ninety percent of the tumor for biopsy. It has now been seventeen months and my cancer is still gone. We will miss Dr. Barbu here on the east coast. She is a sweet, down to earth, and compassionate woman. You are lucky to have her. She saved my voice and my life. Good luck to you.”




“Dr. Barbu was absolutely wonderful from my first appointment with her through my last. As a professional singer and voice actor, I was quite nervous about having vocal surgery, but Dr. Barbu made me feel at ease. She answered all of my questions thoroughly (including some that I hadn’t known to ask) and made herself available to me and my family throughout the surgical and recovery process. She expertly balances her experience and professionalism with kindness, patience, and real care for the patient which makes her very easy to trust. Needless to say, her surgical work was flawless and I have made a complete recovery. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone experiencing vocal health issues, including professional voice users, and particularly anyone anxious about the process. I could not be happier with my results, and California is lucky to have her!”