What We Do

A Passion for Patients

At Beverly Hills Voice, we know each patient is different. Each patient is an individual with a very different set of symptoms, needs, and goals. That’s why the services we provide are personalized – so you receive the best voice disorders treatment available for your individual needs.

[cover_boxes active_element=”2″ title1=”Evaluation” text1=”We bring an incredible expertise to our evaluation techniques, based on years of working with the top laryngeal surgeons.” link1=”https://beverlyhillsvoice.com/what-we-do/evaluation-techniques/” link_label1=”READ MORE” target1=”_blank” title2=”Therapy Techniques” text2=”Our staff includes speech and language pathologists who work with our patients to provide optimum care and recovery.” link2=”https://beverlyhillsvoice.com/what-we-do/voice-therapy-techniques/” link_label2=”LEARN MORE” target2=”_blank” title3=”Surgery” text3=”As one of the premiere laryngeal surgeons in the country, Dr. Barbu delivers the highest level of excellence. ” link3=”https://beverlyhillsvoice.com/what-we-do/voice-surgery/” link_label3=”LEARN MORE” target3=”_blank” read_more_button_style=”yes” image1=”617″ image2=”943″ image3=”861″]