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welcome to beverly hills voice

Whether it’s preserving the voice of a patient with cancer on the vocal cords, or helping the singer who is struggling to get his or her voice back, Dr. Anca M. Barbu of Beverly Hills Voice brings an incredible amount of expertise to every patient at every stage of treatment and recovery.

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We are on the leading edge of technology and employ the latest techniques to help treat and cure our patients.

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Dr. Barbu has trained and practiced at Harvard, one of the most elite universities and hospitals in the country.

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Helping patients find their voices again is what we do best – whether it’s treatment, therapy, surgery, or a combination.

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Treating disorders of the voice, throat and larynx is what we do for people who use their voices professionally.

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get to know us

We are dedicated to giving you the expert care you deserve so you can find your true voice again.


At Beverly Hills Voice, we approach voice and laryngeal disorders with an eye for innovation – using the latest techniques along with tried and true treatments – to help you heal.  READ MORE.


Each patient is an individual with a very different set of symptoms, needs, and goals. That’s why the services we provide are personalized – so you receive the best treatment available for your individual needs. READ MORE.


We are fully equipped for and experienced in the diagnosis, treatment, therapy and surgery for voice disorders, as well as larynx cancer, vocal cord paralysis, and laryngeal papillomatosis.  READ MORE.


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